Rhu-endly Aurelio Jean-Carlo “Cuco” Martina (born 25 September 1989) is a professional footballer who plays for Feyenoord on loan from Premier League club Everton.In lighting for film, theatre and still photography, a cucoloris (occasionally also spelled cuculoris, kookaloris, cookaloris or cucalorus) is a device for casting shadows or silhouettes to produce patterned illumination.José Refugio “Cuco” Sánchez Saldaña (3 May 1921 – 5 October 2000) was a Mexican singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor.Cuco Valoy (born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 5 January 1937) is Dominican salsa, son montuno and merengue musician.Cuco Gomez-Gomez is Dead! is an award-winning short film, written, directed and produced by Francisco Lorite.Cuconeștii Noi is a commune in Edineț District, Moldova. It is composed of two villages, Cuconeștii Noi and Cuconeștii Vechi (depopulated as of 2014).Cucochodaeus is a genus of sand-loving scarab beetles in the family Ochodaeidae. There is at least one described species in Cucochodaeus, C.The cuco is a type of construction made with the dry stone technique, in Valencia.Cucoara is a commune in Cahul District, Moldova. It is composed of two villages, Chircani and Cucoara.

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