A geographer is a scientist whose area of study is geography, the study of Earth’s natural environment and human society.Geographers’ A-Z Map Company Ltd. is the largest independent map publisher in the United Kingdom providing cartographic services, digital data products and paper mapping publications (including Street Atlases, Visitors Guides, Great Britain Road Atlases and The Adventure Atlas).Geographer is the moniker for Mike Deni’s American synth pop/indie rock band based in San Francisco, California.The A–Z (pronounced “Ay to Zed”), or in full the Geographers’ A–Z Street Atlas, is a name given to any one of a range of atlases of streets in the United Kingdom currently produced by Geographers’ A–Z Map Company Limited.Geographers on Film is an archival series of more than 300 filmed and taped interviews with various distinguished geographers dating back to 1970. The series was created as an educational resource by geographer Maynard Weston Dow, Plymouth State University, and his wife, Nancy Freeman Dow.Geographer Island (Norwegian: Geograføya) is a minor island in the Bastian Islands in the Svalbard archipelago.Geographers Cove (62°13′S 59°2′W) is a cove between Flat Top Peninsula and Exotic Point on the southwest side of Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands.

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