Movement may refer to:Movements are a post-hardcore band from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, formed in 2015.The band was signed to a record contract with Fearless Records after playing just one show in 2015. They have released an EP, Outgrown Things in 2016 and an album, Feel Something in 2017. Feel Something peaked at 190 on the Billboard 200 charts.”Movements of Fire and Shadow” is an episode from the fifth season of the science fiction television series “Babylon 5” is an online platform working to connect activists worldwide. It was founded when The Alliance for Youth Movements rebranded itself in 2011. It is an online marketplace that connects dissidents in closed societies to individuals in open societies with experience in such areas as legal work, mathematics, science, media, PR and technology.Movements for Piano and Orchestra is a composition by Igor Stravinsky, written during his serial period, consisting of five short movements altogether lasting around nine minutes.Movements is the second studio album by Berlin-based electronic band Booka Shade, released on 16 May 2006 on Get Physical Music.Movements in Colour is an album by British jazz saxophonist and composer Andy Sheppard recorded in 2008 and released on the ECM label.Movements in European History was a school textbook, originally published by Oxford University Press, by the English author D. H.

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