A sabaton or solleret is part of a knight’s body armour that covers the foot.Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band from Falun. The band’s main lyrical themes are based on war, historical battles, and acts of heroism—the name is a reference to a sabaton, knight’s foot armor.Sabaton is a power metal band from Falun, Sweden. Since May 2014, they have released seven studio albums, including Carolus Rex, which was recorded in separate Swedish and English versions, certified gold in Poland and platinum in Sweden with 40,000 album sales, making it the “most successful Swedish heavy metal album ever” according to the band.Sabaton is a knight’s foot armour.Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening a polity, effort, or organization through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction.Sabato’s Crystal Ball is a political newsletter and website that serves as an election handicapper by predicting electoral outcomes for the United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, U.S.Sabayon Linux or Sabayon (formerly RR4 Linux and RR64 Linux), is a Gentoo-based Italian Linux distribution created by Fabio Erculiani and the Sabayon development team.Sabato Morais (Hebrew: שבתאי מוראיס; April 13, 1823 – November 11, 1897) was an Italian-American rabbi, leader of Mikveh Israel Synagogue in Philadelphia, pioneer of Italian Jewish Studies in America, and founder of the Jewish Theological Seminary.Sabatina James, also Sabatina (1982 in Dhedar, Pakistan) is an Austrian-Pakistani author. Her works are autobiographical and detail her conversion from Islam to Roman Catholicism.Sabatino Moscati (November 24 1922 – September 8 1997) was an Italian archaeologist and linguist known for his work on Phoenician and Punic civilizations.

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