Zealandia (), also known as the New Zealand continent or Tasmantis, is an almost entirely submerged mass of continental crust that sank after breaking away from Australia 60–85 million years ago, having separated from Antarctica between 85 and 130 million years ago.Zealand Series (Danish: Sjællandsserien, SS, Herre Sjællandsserien) is the highest division for men organized by the regional association DBU Sjælland and one of the fifth-highest divisions overall in the Danish football league system.Zealand (Danish: Sjælland, pronounced [ˈɕɛˌlanˀ]), at 7,031 km2, is the largest and most populous island in Denmark proper (thus excluding Greenland and Disko Island, which are larger).Zealandia, formerly known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, is a protected natural area in Wellington, New Zealand, the first urban completely fenced ecosanctuary, where the biodiversity of 225 ha (just under a square mile) of forest is being restored.Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (Danish: Erhvervsakademi Sjælland, EASJ) or Zibat is a school of higher education operating five campuses in Region Zealand to the west and south of Copenhagen, Denmark.Zealandopterix zonodoxa is a moth of the family Micropterigidae. It can be found in the northern part of the North Island as well as in the Poor Knights, Little Barrier and Great Barrier Islands.Zealand Worship is an American worship band, founded by Phil Joel, hailing from Franklin, Tennessee. The band started making music in 2015. They released, Zealand Worship – The EP, an extended play, with both Word Records and Warner Records, in 2015.Zealand is a Canadian rural community in York County, New Brunswick close to the intersection of Route 104 and Route 616.Zealandia is a national personification of New Zealand. In her stereotypical form, Zealandia appears as a woman who is similar in dress and appearance to Britannia, who is said to be the mother of Zealandia.

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